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J Gow Spiced Rum 70cl

J Gow Spiced Rum 70cl


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The Producer

All of J Gow’s rum is made entirely in Orkney, from start to finish. High grade molasses is imported (unfortunately it’s hard to grow sugar cane in Orkney) and fermented for at least 7 days in a temperature controlled 2000 litre fermenter and 2000 litre still. The ability to ferment in the still, allows a stripping run as soon as fermentation is finished. This stripped molasses wash (or low wine) is then returned to the still for a final spirit run.

Casks were laid down in 2017 & early 2018. With an aim to age the spirit for a few years. Only releasing it when we feel it’s ready, and tastes just right.


Pot Still style dry Spiced Rum (less than 5g of sugar per litre) with caramel and natural spices from around the world including two secret ingredients grown in Orkney.

Taste Notes

A light golden colour, with a smooth rounded sweetness. Subtle citrus notes with warm undertones of stem ginger. Flavours of soft moist ginger cake with oatmeal and cinnamon cookies, and a long warming spice finish. A prominent rum flavour complimented with spices, rather than an overload of spices masking any hint of rum.

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